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I spent some time tonight doing a presentation at Coburg Senior High to a group of English teachers on a Virtual Resource Centre I’ve been working on with my co-author of The EnglishBoook. The EnglishBook is a senior English resource book aimed at students undertaking their final year in the VCE, published by Cengage Learning. The Virutal Resource Centre is an attempt to bring some of the tools and interactivity of the web 2.0 world: a blog, a page links, video and podcasts to extend the traditional text book. It’s been interesting to have those conversations with an established academic publisher and good to see them moving towards an understanding of the power of these tools.

It’s always a little threatening to present to your peers I find, and English teachers are a tough audience. However, it seemed to go well.

One bonus of the evening was getting chance to look at the remodelled Coburg Senior High, one of the newest state schools built on open planning and access to technology. I was lucky enough to get a personal guided tour by the Principal Don Collins (below) where he talked about some of his vision for the place, which is exciting. It’s a very different looking school, open plan, lots of macs and bean-bags and a library of targetted fiction and no reference collection; that’s online.

So, there I was talking to a group of English teachers from a range of schools about a virtual resource we’d been building, while we were hosted in a brand new physical resource that was also acutely aware of the virtual world. It’s all connected, but I’m too tired now to explain how!

Wozcast 16

My latest podcast, Wozcast 16 is now online. It’s a discussion of the ICTEV Conference in a bit more detail including James Farmer’s keynote address on the intoxicating power of content, the use of Web 2.0 tools in classrooms and some new tools I’ve been using, especially for mapping.

There’s more detailed notes and download information at the Wozcast page.


Steve Whitaker used to produce a great little podcast called WEB2. It seems to have morphed into GenTech. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but the topics in the show notes are very interesting including using basic tools for great results, getting started with edublogs, open source software for learning and more!

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EdTechWeekly #21

I’m usually a couple of weeks behind with getting to listen to these, but I’m always impressed with them when I do. EdTechTalk run a series of educational podcasts but the EdTechWeekly one is my favourite. The focus is educational and there’s lots of links and new sites to check out, all included on a very complete transcript page with links. Topics in #21 range from new concept mapping online software to talk of the ethical and safety issues to do with social networking that we’ve been discussing at my school.

Check out #21 HERE

EdTechTalk are also the best example of in action that I’ve seen. All links from the show are tagged and searchable at their site HERE

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Wozcast 15 (update)

I probably should have realised when I saw the new ugly purple ads that podomatic maybe wasn’t travelling well, so after a few days having trouble getting podomatic to play properly, I’ve decided to resort back to ye olde manual podcast handling; uploading it to some web space I’ve got, and uploading the xml file manually. Great to get my hands dirty with the code!

SO….please re-subscribe to the new old feed (from aanet) or manually download the .mp3 file from the link at the bottom of this post.

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