The Tyranny of Today

It’s hard enough sometimes to get through the day without having to plumb the depths of the future.

That’s the thing sometimes isn’t it? One of the reasons that the big picture and visionary is so often hijacked by the immediate and the now. Because, if we don’t plan today to move to web 2.0 tools that re-focus the learning into a collaborative and creative paradigm that wont matter…today.

But if we don’t get those Year 11 reports in, or get to that awards assembly or make sure the students get their exam marks or organise that office space that will matter today.

So we get caught for days or weeks or lifetimes in the immediate and now, but not in the Zen sense of living in the moment and feeling the intensity of being alive, but in the administrative moments of ticking off to-do lists and satisfying the daily demands.

Which is why big picture, strategic stuff is so hard to get done.

2 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Today

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